3rd Party Manufacturing

VAKITI Industries Manufacturing Unit

We are one of the leading international and national pharmaceutical company.

We own manufacturing facilities which have been built in accordance with the WHO GMP guidelines and these have separate quality control units and quality assurance functions to monitor the manufacturing quality of our products.

We are well set to provide THIRD PARTY Manufacturing Facility in INDIA (PRIVATE LABELLING). Healthcare medicine manufacturers for Segments as Our formulation range includes; Tablets, Capsules, Syrups & Drops, Liquids, ECG Gel (Scangel & Cardiagel) Ointment &; Creams, Vitamins/Anti-Oxidants, Protein Powder, Hand Sanitizer, Food Supplements like Natural Honey.

Whether you have an existing dietary supplement, require a private label product or would like advice on how to manufacture and market your new food supplement, we can get it done. Our expertise and experience enable us to offer the most reliable and cost effective supplement manufacturing services in the industry.

We can assist you in creating your own unique vitamins and dietary supplements, and our large inventory of raw materials ensures that we are able to get your product to market on time, every time. With the Standards & Compliance in place.

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